Warehousing Operations Services

When timing is everything, you can count on Stone Management. Through three generations of warehousing, transportation, and logistics services, we've built our reputation for making good on the promise to deliver the best service possible.

Whether you need a quick solution to a sudden spike in demand, or a long term plan to deliver goods to your demanding customers, Stone Management has a solution for you.


Warehouse Services

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Once your products arrive, we can move or assemble them however you need:

  • Pallet In/Pallet Out: Just storing and moving? We can ensure security and efficiency for every piece.
  • Pick & Pack or Case Pick: Stone can be your hub of distribution with expert pick and pack services, getting everything to the people who need it.
  • Kitting: To save you time and money, Stone offers precise kitting services to assemble anything you need and get it where it needs to go.

Inside Rail

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Stone Management provides the only indoor rail facility in the Capital District. We bring your cargo directly into our warehouse, completely protecting it from the elements, to make sure every unit stays in top condition.

Inventory Tracking System

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For the last fifteen years, Stone has refined our inventory tracking system. By having our own programmer design and develop a tailor-made system, we can provide our customers with exactly what they need.

  • Reports: At Stone, our customers decide what they need their reports to show. Whether you want broad strokes or every detail for three years running, we can answer even the tiniest auditing question.
  • Compatibility: Our reports are easily exported through Excel or PDF format using the language you use , helping you keep track.
  • Real Time: Our system can show every piece of inventory and every penny spent as it arrives and leaves our facility.
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In-House Transport

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We don't take any chances with your products. We are an asset-based carrier, which means no brokering out loads.


Wherever it's traveling in the Northeast, Stone Transport ensures that your product is shipped with the same quality of care it receives in storage. By focuing our efforts on one region, we keep our prices low, often giving us a more competitive price than large carriers. Our centralized Albany, New York location puts us right in the thick of major markets.